Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prepare for next lesson... Analog-to-Digital Coversion

Hi All,

Thank you 9w2gu for the posts on C loops and exercises.

I'll be introducing the analog-to-digital (ADC) function as next lesson. It you want some real world view, you can get yourself the LM35 temperature sensor... It's a temperature sensor with linear temperature output... a 3-pins device that look like a transistor in TO-92 casing... We'll be using the LCD to show the temperature... Later will introduce some simple thermostat functions to further dwell into C programming...

If you do not fancy getting a temperature sensor, you can hook up the pots on the development board... simulated rather than actual... :-)

In the spirit on recycling electrons, I will not explain LM35 in detail here. A quick search on Google and this site came up and I believe it provide good description on the device. Go check it out...

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