Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let't get the ball rolling...

Okay, the gang members are now awaiting the delivery of our development board ordered from Futurlec recently... Look up the board details here...

The board uses the PIC18F4550, one of the most powerful PIC with tonnes of features... Very unlikely that one would use all the features on a single project... Nonetheless, it's there when you need it...

While waiting for the board to arrive, do the followings...
  1. Download the PIC18F4550 Datasheet from Microchip website... If you have the resources, print it out as reference unless you do not mind flipping pages on your computer...
  2. Download MikroC from MikroElektronika for compiler...
  3. Start making the jumper wires... I'll post some pictures how I intend to make mine...
  4. Consider how to make casing for the board...
  5. Consider buying LCD display... most likely 16 by 2 characters... Hitachi chipset please... No need for graphic LCD for now...
Short technical spec is here... copied from Futurlec...
PIC18F4550 USB Development Board - Technical Data

Microcontroller: PIC18F4550-I/P
Main Crystal: 20MHz

Speed: up to 5MHz
Processor Language: PIC

Program Flash Memory (Internal): 32kBytes
RAM Memory (Internal): 2048 Bytes
EEPROM Memory (Internal): 256 Bytes

I/O Points Available: 35
I/O Points Connection: Standard IDCC Connections

A/D Inputs: Yes - 13 Channels
A/D Accuracy: 10-bit
A/D Speed: 500Ksps

PWM Output Channels: Yes - 2 Channels

Timers: Yes - One 8-bit Timer and Three 16-bit Timers

Auxiliary Communication
RS232 Communication: Yes - 1 Channel
USB Communication: Yes - 1 Channel
SPI: Yes - 3-wire SPI Module
I²C: Yes - with Master/Slave Mode

Board Features
Pushbuttons: Yes - 4 Tactile Inputs
LCD Connection: Yes - with Contrast Adjustment
Indication Leds: Yes - 4 Red LED's
A/D Inputs: Yes - 4 Adjustable Trimpots
Speaker: Yes

Ancillary Features
In-Circuit Programming: Yes
Power-On Led: Yes - Red
USB Power-Supply Led: Yes - Yellow
Regulator Power-Supply Led: Yes - Green
Program-Run Switch: Yes
Reset Button: Yes

Power Supply
Power-Supply: 7 - 12 Vdc

LxWxH: 155mm x 90mm x 30mm

Parts Supplied
Included Parts: PIC18F4550 Development Board, USB Download Cable, Download Software, Manual on CD, Examples and Sample Code, Data Sheets on CD.


Anonymous said...

2. Download MikroC from MikroElektronika for compiler...

Finally,... someone's talking C. This must be "Advanced Microchip PIC Lessons" blog. Hehehe.

ToToRo said...

I would like to know how do you program this board ?
I hve the same board and i have some trouble to program the pic via USB ..
are you using ICD2 ?


Unknown said...

Hello there Math,

I don't program the PIC using the USB on the development board... too cumbersome for me; bootloader and all.

I use a separate USB programmer and connect it to the ICD2 available on the board

The programmer I use is the UIC00A unit available from http://cytron.com.my/listProductCategory.asp?cid=81#2965

I make a separate cable to connect the programmer to the ICD2 port...

ToToRo said...

the UIC00A looks very interesting.
do you have the schematic of the cable to connect the programmer to the ICD2 port ?


Unknown said...

ICD2 Pinout is available in the development board datasheet and so does the headers pinout for the UIC00A... just match the signals between the two boards... :-)